Model: UVASLX1024
- Breaks down household odors from kitchens to laundry rooms—even bathroom and swimming pool odors
- Kills bacteria and viruses circulating in the air and on surfaces—including countertops
- Freshens the air in the same way a thunderstorm clears the air of contamination
- Microscopic pollution is gathered into larger filterable groups for unprecedented removal
of airborne irritants
- Commercial grade stainless steel
- Electronic Monitoring / Lam Replacement indicator

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Ultravation® M-SeriesT UV for Mini-Split Ductless
Model: M-Series UV light for mini-splits and ductless applications.
Keeps mold away from fan, coil and other surfaces. Stops bad odors.
Designed to fit major brands with easy installation, effective disinfection and smart electronics.

. Super compact / high intensity
. Easy fit / install
. 110-240 VAC (auto sensing)
. 360° UV shield rotation
. One or two lamps
. Visual and audible lamp-out alarm
. Audible alarm auto silences in 30 seconds
. Twin LED display
. Rugged construction
. Three-year system warranty
(lamps one-year)

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