Fieldpiece Stick Meters
Model: HS
- Magnetic hanger
- Lead Storage in back
- Single handed testing
- Remote testing
- AC Volts from 0.1V to 600V
- DC Volts from 0.1mV to 600V

Available Models:

- HS35
- HS36
Fieldpiece Compact Clamp Meter
Model: SC
Available Models:

- SC220
- SC260
- SC420
- SC440
- SC620
- SC640
- SC660

Fieldpiece Digital Manifold & Micron Gauge
Model: SMAN
Available Models:

- 360
- 460
Fieldpiece Refrigerant Leak Detector
Model: SRL
Available Modes:

- SRL2K7 - Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector
- SRL8 - Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector
Fieldpiece Pocketknife Style Thermometer
Model: SPK1
The SPK1 Pocket Knife Style Thermometer features a sharp tip for punching through flex duct and hangs easily from a vent or thermostat. Pull out the probe rod just like you would a pocketknife. 16 detent position grooves hold the rod at virtually at any angle. The probe rod folds away simply with no cover sleeve to lose. Temperature range: -58°F to 392°F. One of our most popular instruments for HVAC/R field service.
Fieldpiece Folding Pocket In-Duct Thermometer
Model: SPK2
The newly designed SPK2 Folding Pocket Thermometer is great for taking quick air temperatures. It fits directly in your pocket so you're ready for common temperature checking. The folding rod has a hanging hook so you can easily hang it in a duct or on a grille. The large display shows Min/Max/Hold, has measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and has a low battery indicator. It also quickly calculates T1-T2, as well as features an Auto Power Off function to save battery power on it's already phenomenal 8,000 hours of battery life on one single AA battery!
Fieldpiece Rod and IR Temperature Pocket Tool
Model: SPK3
The SPK3 temperature pocket tool has convenient two-way temperatures with both a folding in-duct Rod temperature and an infrared 8:1 gun. The IR takes quick surface temerature readings, and the Rod measures in the duct easily with a hanging hook for hands-free testing. The SPK3 temperature tool also features max/min/hold functions, a backlight, and a display that flips depending on what temperature mode is chosen. Plus, the SPK3 quickly calculates T1-T2, and it works across both the IR and Rod modes.
Residential, Light Commercial Refrigerant Scale
Model: SRS1
- Charging & recovery weight alarms
- Easy to carry
- 0.25 oz (0.01 kg) resolution
- Water resistant
Fieldpiece Easy View Vacuum Gauge
Model: SVG3
- Schrader depressor to minimize leaks by reducing connections
- Rate calculator to indicate how fast pressure is rising or falling
- Micron, mmHg, mbar, mTorr ,Torr, Pascals
- Alarms and stopwatch
- Units of measure: microns (µm) of mercury, mmHg, mbar, mTorr, Torr, and Pascals

Fieldpiece Easy Charging with Built in P-T Charts
Model: SSX34
- Measures suction or liquid line pressure and temperature
- Calculates superheat and subcooling
- Easily calibrates to current atmospheric pressure
- Includes K-type pipe clamp thermocouple
Fieldpiece In Duct Hot-wire Anemometer
Model: STA2
- In-duct air balancing with fast response time
- Minimizes turbulence effect
- Hands free testing
- 38" telescoping probe in in-duct traversing
- Dual display shows combo of real-time CFM, air velocity, or temp
Fieldpiece Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Model: MR45
- Starts and runs easily with lower voltage
- Minimizes liquid slugging and maximizes vapor recovery
- Easy access ports
- Water resistant to withstand direct rain
Fieldpiece Carbon Monoxide Detector
Model: SCM4
- Field-replaceable CO sensor
- Calibrate to ambient quickly with the ZERO button
- Audio/visual alarms with mute
- Fast electro-chemical sensor
- Magnetic hanger for hands free
Fieldpiece In-Duct Diagnostic Psychrometer
Model: SRH3
- In-duct target superheat & target evaporator exit temp
- Wet bulb, temps, dew point, and %RH
- Hands free testing
- 38" telescoping probe
- Quickly takes readings from the center of the duct