Walk-In Cooler Evaporator
Model: ADT
- Air Defrost, 115/1/60
- These Models Measure Only 35 Cm. In Height, Ideal For Chillers With Low Ceilings
- Include Anti-Corrosion Coating Standard
- The Coil Pipe Has Cross Hatch Grooving For High Efficiency Heat Transfer

- Removable Side Panels Feature Front Access To Electrical And Refrigeration Connections
- With UL Approvals In The United States And Canada

Available Capacities:

- 4,000 BTU - 26,000 BTU

Walk-In Cooler Evaporator
Model: LET
- Electric defrost, 230/1/60
- These models measure only 35 cm. in height, ideal for chillers with low ceilings
- Include anti-corrosion coating standard
- The coil pipe has cross hatch grooving for high efficiency heat transfer

- Removable side panels feature front access to electrical and refrigeration connections
- With ul approvals in the United States and Canada

Available Capacities:

- 4,000 BTU - 24,000 BTU