Smart 7 Wireless Pipe-Clamp Thermometer
Model: 115i
The Testo Smart Probes App combines the power of your smart phone/tablet with the accurate measurements of your Smart Probes.
The operation and display of the instruments are communicated via Bluetooth to the App on your smart phone or tablet . The Smart Probes App uses the measurements to create custom reports (including added photos and comments). Information and reports can be saved as files
and/or sent by e-mail. For Apple iOS and Android.
Testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector
Model: 316-3
- Designed for use on new refrigerants and blends
- Patented heated diode sensor provides excellent sensitivity
- High/low sensitivity adjustment
- Easy one button operation
- Automatic zeroing
- LED indicator and audible alarm
- Rugged housing
Digital Manifold Kit
Model: 550/557
- Measures high side / low side pressures and temperatures
- Accurate, simultaneous super heat/subcooling in real time
- App integration via Bluetooth for monitoring and reporting
- 60 refrigerant profiles onboard
- Refrigerant updates in the instrument via App
- 2-way valve block with three connections, large, 2-line backlit display
Model: 605i
- Quickly and accurately measures relative humidity and temperature in rooms, ducts, and chambers
- Automatically calculates dew point & wet bulb temperature
- Small diameter probe is ideal for in-duct measurements
- Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and powerful testo - Smart Probes App in your smart device
- Tough, accurate, and easy-to-use
- For all HVAC/R technicians and contractors
Hook-Clamp DMM with TRMS Inrush
Model: 770-3
- Unique hook-on function separates and grabs wires without using your hands, retractable post releases wires easily
- Automatically detects AC/DC for Volts or Amps, and selects the correct range
- Bluetooth connection to testo Smart Probe App (770-3 only)
- Real-time power measurement (Watts)

Standard features
• Inrush (starting) current capture
• Min/Max/Hold
Additional features (770-2/-3 only)
• µA for flame rod
• High capacitance
• Frequency measurement for variable drives
Infrared Temperature Measuring Instrument
Model: 830-T1
- Laser measurement point marker and large lens for accurate measurement at long distances
- Fast acting at two readings per second
- Adjustable emissivity
- Two selectable thresholds
- Easy to handle pistol-grip design
- Hold function and display of min./max. values
Testo Smart Probes Kit
Model: AC R KIT
- Compact pro measuring instrument from the Testo Smart Probes series for use with smartphones/tablets
- Application-specific menus: Target superheating, superheating and sub-cooling
- All necessary measuring instruments for refrigeration applications in one set
- Fast and easy installation at a pressure connection or the temperature measurement location
- Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless application
- Measurement data analyzed and sent via testo Smart Probes App
- Handy transport bag testo Smart Case