Ritichie Engineering - Yellow Jacket
Mini Tube Cutter
Model: 60121
- Mini-cutters are compact yet easy to grip and feature large rollers and flare cut-off groove
- for heavy duty cutting from 1/4" to 7/8" O.D.

Refrigerant Scale
Model: CC220
- Calibrated to strict NIST Standards
- Accuracy specification exceeds all OEM requirements for charging accuracy
- High contrast wide angle LCD display for ease of viewing
- Powered by two (9 V) batteries providing 60 hours of usage
COMBI Universal Condensate Pump
Model: 3004046 - 6,000 BTU/H up to 120,000 BTU/H
- 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz auto sensing universal power input

GOBI II Condensate Pump
Model: 3004045 - 6,000 BTU/H up to 120,000 BTU/H
- 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz auto sensing universal power input

45 SAE Copper Loctite Coated Refrigeration & Gas
Model: 45FT-XX-CU-SPP
- Copper seal with standard Loctite Vibra seal coating for common aluminum and brass fittingss.
- Rated for -40 to 300 F temperature and all common gases & fluids.
- Fits all standard JIC flare fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic!
- Protects against weeping on new and damaged fittings!
- Creates a perfect "Leak-Free" clip-on seal, Guaranteed!
- Complies with the latest International standards!

Available Sizes:

- 1/4"
- 3/8"
- 1/2"
- 5/8"
- 3/4"
Fieldpiece Stick Meters
Model: HS
- Magnetic hanger
- Lead Storage in back
- Single handed testing
- Remote testing
- AC Volts from 0.1V to 600V
- DC Volts from 0.1mV to 600V

Available Models:

- HS35
- HS36
Fieldpiece Compact Clamp Meter
Model: SC
Available Models:

- SC220
- SC260
- SC420
- SC440
- SC620
- SC640
- SC660

Fieldpiece Digital Manifold & Micron Gauge
Model: SMAN
Available Models:

- 360
- 460
Fieldpiece Refrigerant Leak Detector
Model: SRL
Available Modes:

- SRL2K7 - Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector
- SRL8 - Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector
Fieldpiece Pocketknife Style Thermometer
Model: SPK1
The SPK1 Pocket Knife Style Thermometer features a sharp tip for punching through flex duct and hangs easily from a vent or thermostat. Pull out the probe rod just like you would a pocketknife. 16 detent position grooves hold the rod at virtually at any angle. The probe rod folds away simply with no cover sleeve to lose. Temperature range: -58F to 392F. One of our most popular instruments for HVAC/R field service.
Fieldpiece Folding Pocket In-Duct Thermometer
Model: SPK2
The newly designed SPK2 Folding Pocket Thermometer is great for taking quick air temperatures. It fits directly in your pocket so you're ready for common temperature checking. The folding rod has a hanging hook so you can easily hang it in a duct or on a grille. The large display shows Min/Max/Hold, has measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and has a low battery indicator. It also quickly calculates T1-T2, as well as features an Auto Power Off function to save battery power on it's already phenomenal 8,000 hours of battery life on one single AA battery!
Fieldpiece Rod and IR Temperature Pocket Tool
Model: SPK3
The SPK3 temperature pocket tool has convenient two-way temperatures with both a folding in-duct Rod temperature and an infrared 8:1 gun. The IR takes quick surface temerature readings, and the Rod measures in the duct easily with a hanging hook for hands-free testing. The SPK3 temperature tool also features max/min/hold functions, a backlight, and a display that flips depending on what temperature mode is chosen. Plus, the SPK3 quickly calculates T1-T2, and it works across both the IR and Rod modes.
Residential, Light Commercial Refrigerant Scale
Model: SRS1
- Charging & recovery weight alarms
- Easy to carry
- 0.25 oz (0.01 kg) resolution
- Water resistant
Fieldpiece Easy View Vacuum Gauge
Model: SVG3
- Schrader depressor to minimize leaks by reducing connections
- Rate calculator to indicate how fast pressure is rising or falling
- Micron, mmHg, mbar, mTorr ,Torr, Pascals
- Alarms and stopwatch
- Units of measure: microns (m) of mercury, mmHg, mbar, mTorr, Torr, and Pascals

Fieldpiece Easy Charging with Built in P-T Charts
Model: SSX34
- Measures suction or liquid line pressure and temperature
- Calculates superheat and subcooling
- Easily calibrates to current atmospheric pressure
- Includes K-type pipe clamp thermocouple
Fieldpiece In Duct Hot-wire Anemometer
Model: STA2
- In-duct air balancing with fast response time
- Minimizes turbulence effect
- Hands free testing
- 38" telescoping probe in in-duct traversing
- Dual display shows combo of real-time CFM, air velocity, or temp
Fieldpiece Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Model: MR45
- Starts and runs easily with lower voltage
- Minimizes liquid slugging and maximizes vapor recovery
- Easy access ports
- Water resistant to withstand direct rain
Fieldpiece Carbon Monoxide Detector
Model: SCM4
- Field-replaceable CO sensor
- Calibrate to ambient quickly with the ZERO button
- Audio/visual alarms with mute
- Fast electro-chemical sensor
- Magnetic hanger for hands free
Fieldpiece In-Duct Diagnostic Psychrometer
Model: SRH3
- In-duct target superheat & target evaporator exit temp
- Wet bulb, temps, dew point, and %RH
- Hands free testing
- 38" telescoping probe
- Quickly takes readings from the center of the duct
Voltage Protector
Model: V009 / V015
- Protection against low and high voltage
- Protection against blackouts
- Delay time connection for 30 sec.
- Ground connection
- Light indicators for High voltage, Low voltage. Time delay and Normal voltage.
- Protects domestic refrigerators up to 27 cf. with electric systems.
- Easy installation
- Compact size
- Available in: 110V / 220V

Technical Specifications:

- Nominal Voltage: 120 V, 50/60 Hz
- Surge suppressor, 3 poles FN, FT, NT 400V
- Normal Range: 90 V, 140 V
- Failure detection time: 1s
- Connection time: 30 sec.
- Max Output: 10A, 1/3 HP
- Operating Temperature: -5 to 55C
- Maximum operating humidity: 85% H.R.
Smart 7 Wireless Pipe-Clamp Thermometer
Model: 115i
The Testo Smart Probes App combines the power of your smart phone/tablet with the accurate measurements of your Smart Probes.
The operation and display of the instruments are communicated via Bluetooth to the App on your smart phone or tablet . The Smart Probes App uses the measurements to create custom reports (including added photos and comments). Information and reports can be saved as files
and/or sent by e-mail. For Apple iOS and Android.
Testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector
Model: 316-3
- Designed for use on new refrigerants and blends
- Patented heated diode sensor provides excellent sensitivity
- High/low sensitivity adjustment
- Easy one button operation
- Automatic zeroing
- LED indicator and audible alarm
- Rugged housing
Digital Manifold Kit
Model: 550/557
- Measures high side / low side pressures and temperatures
- Accurate, simultaneous super heat/subcooling in real time
- App integration via Bluetooth for monitoring and reporting
- 60 refrigerant profiles onboard
- Refrigerant updates in the instrument via App
- 2-way valve block with three connections, large, 2-line backlit display
Model: 605i
- Quickly and accurately measures relative humidity and temperature in rooms, ducts, and chambers
- Automatically calculates dew point & wet bulb temperature
- Small diameter probe is ideal for in-duct measurements
- Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and powerful testo - Smart Probes App in your smart device
- Tough, accurate, and easy-to-use
- For all HVAC/R technicians and contractors
Hook-Clamp DMM with TRMS Inrush
Model: 770-3
- Unique hook-on function separates and grabs wires without using your hands, retractable post releases wires easily
- Automatically detects AC/DC for Volts or Amps, and selects the correct range
- Bluetooth connection to testo Smart Probe App (770-3 only)
- Real-time power measurement (Watts)

Standard features
Inrush (starting) current capture
Additional features (770-2/-3 only)
A for flame rod
High capacitance
Frequency measurement for variable drives
Infrared Temperature Measuring Instrument
Model: 830-T1
- Laser measurement point marker and large lens for accurate measurement at long distances
- Fast acting at two readings per second
- Adjustable emissivity
- Two selectable thresholds
- Easy to handle pistol-grip design
- Hold function and display of min./max. values
Testo Smart Probes Kit
Model: AC R KIT
- Compact pro measuring instrument from the Testo Smart Probes series for use with smartphones/tablets
- Application-specific menus: Target superheating, superheating and sub-cooling
- All necessary measuring instruments for refrigeration applications in one set
- Fast and easy installation at a pressure connection or the temperature measurement location
- Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless application
- Measurement data analyzed and sent via testo Smart Probes App
- Handy transport bag testo Smart Case
Aluminum Foil Tape
Model: AF100
- UL 181A-P/B-FX listed and printed aluminum foil tape
- Linered
- Excellent adhesion to rigid fiberglass ductboard and flexible air duct
- Flexible and easy to use to create airtight bonds
- Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperature
Avery Dennison
Fasson 0800
Model: 0800 - High tensile strength aluminum facestock
- Specially formulated high track, antimicrobial acrylic adhesive
- Red lettered / code recognized
- PSA complies with South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) Rule 1168

Polyken Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
Model: 243
-PE-Coated Cloth Backing
- Natural rubber based adhesive
- Low VOC Content
- Conforms well to irregular surfaces
- Resists twisting and curling
- High adhesion and holding power for both rough and smooth surfaces
Mineral Refrigeration Oils
Model: 3GS, 4GS, 5GS
- It mixes intimately with the refrigerant used in the system.
- It is carried over in small amounts into the refrigeration lines.
- It is in direct contact with the motor windings in hermetic units.
- It is exposed to temperature extremes: high temperatures at the compressor discharge valve, and very low temperatures at the expansion valve.
Refrigeration Lubricant
Model: RL32, RL68
- POE oils

The requirements of todays refrigeration and air conditioning compressor lubricants are complex. They must be compatible and miscible with the HFC refrigerants, and they must be compatible and miscible with CFCs and HCFCs as well as mineral and alkylbenzene oils. Polyol ester lubricants meet these needs, and the EMKARATE RL line is the preferred choice. Working in close collaboration with compressor and system manufacturers, these OEM-approved POE lubricants cover a wide viscosity range from 7 cSt (35-40 SUS) to 220 cSt (1100 SUS) to suit most applications. The lubricants have excellent thermal and chemical stability, and are compatible with a wide range of elastomers, polymeric materials and other materials of construction.
DiversiTech IC-1 Flow-Plus Inline Cleaner
Model: IC-1
Flow Plus Inline Cleaner installs in the 3/4in. condensate drain line to maintain clean condensate water and pump operation (if applicable). Unique design allows Flow Plus tablets to dissolve slowly, maintaining condensate flow for up to eight months. User replaceable tablet pack.