Brand: Field Controls
Field Controls
Model: UV12FM


Neutralizes and reduces airborne bacteria, mold and viruses
Keeps AC A-coil clean for optimal efficiency
Nearly maintenance free
Installs in minutes


Mounts with heavy-duty magnet or snap-off bracket
180 degree articulating bracket
Four sizes: 12", 13”, 14.5" and 17”
Twin and single tube designs
UV shield to protect wiring

How It Works:

The FlexMountUV lines uses the energy from a specially designed, high-intensity UVC germicidal lamp to reduce microorganisms in indoor air as is passes through the HVAC system. When installed near the HVAC A-coil, FlexMountUV helps keep the coil free or mold allowing the AC to run at optimal efficiency. FlexMountUV requires very little maintenance and costs pennies a day to operate.