Universal Wifi Mini-Split Controller

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Brand: Cielo
Model: BE101WA

The Breez BE101WA smart controller gives you the luxury of controlling your ductless heat pumps or air-conditioners from anywhere. Breez BE101WA automatically turns the air conditioner or heat pump off when you leave the premises and starts to cool/heat on your return based on your set schedule. Breez BE101WAcan reduce your heating / cooling costs by up to 20 percent. Breez BE101WA is fully compatible to all famous brands of ductless cooling and heating systems with remote controls. The associated Cielo app gives you complete control of your heating or cooling through Breez. The Breez smart controller controls your ductless heating / cooling via infrared, just like your remote control, and connects seamlessly through your Wi-Fi to the internet.

- Wi-Fi Connectivity
- Temperature and Humidity Sensor
- Luminosity Sensor
- Personalized Display
- Scheduling
- Energy saving
- Usage Statistics